Kirstie Allsopp leaves Twitter over iPad smashing backlash

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Image caption Kirstie Allsopp is best known for presenting Location, Location, Location on Channel 4

Kirstie Allsopp has left Twitter after facing a fierce backlash when she admitted she smashed her children’s iPads over her gaming rules.

Parents slammed the TV presenter online after she revealed she broke her sons’ devices when they played games outside their permitted time.

Criticism soon flooded onto social media, with many people calling her “privileged” and “absurd”.

Her Twitter account has since been deleted.

It was not long before outraged parents took to social media to vent their fury at the Location, Location, Location presenter, who has two sons and two stepsons.

Thousands of people have been commenting on it – the majority condemning her actions and the message it sends to children.

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But she has also received backing from fellow parents weary of tantrums come time to turn off machines.

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Some took quite a strong stance and suggested she was condoning violence and criminal damage.

Twitter users then noticed her account had vanished only hours after the story emerged on Monday.

Prior to that, Allsopp had added fuel to the fire by comparing smashing the iPads to destroying a packet of cigarettes.

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But this just attracted even more comments, with some calling it a “weak” comparison.

Another user, @BelfastBabs, said Allsopp’s actions made her “more of a child than any of them”.

Some were clearly not on board with her parenting style, with @emkaybeesoon saying “thank God you were not my mother”.

It’s not the first time her parenting stance has been called into question.

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She was forced to defend her decision to sit separately from her sons when flying earlier this year.

It was not long before this was referenced in the responses as well.

But there was also sympathy for the TV presenter, with some people agreeing with her actions.

Kerry Hill said on Facebook: “It came from frustration in the heat of the moment and was a visible wake up call”.

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She continued: “There’s no need to call her violent, mental or fault her for being rich. I think it was good she was honest about the frustrations of parenting”.

And Zara Graham praised her actions saying “good on her”, with this Facebook post.

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