Luther ‘too dark’ for some TV viewers – literally

Idris Elba in Luther
Image caption Luther sees Idris Elba (yes, that’s him) reprise one of his signature roles

Er, Luther… is that you? Viewers of Idris Elba’s gritty crime drama have been left in the dark thanks to visuals steeped in “barely watchable gloom“.

Journalist Kate Bevan wasn’t the only one annoyed. “For god[‘s] sake BBC turn the electric on,” another viewer wrote.

“I know this dark brooding portrait of London is the essence of Luther, but I’d quite like to see at least 20% of what’s happening,” complained another.

Two episodes of the current series have now been aired, with two to follow.

A BBC spokesperson did not comment on the show’s alleged murkiness.

The show, which sees Elba’s grizzled detective reunited with serial killer Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson), has become a major talking point on social media.

Warning: possible plot spoilers follow

A scene in Tuesday’s debut show in which a masked assailant creeps up on a young woman riding on the top deck of a night bus left many swearing off public transport.

Wednesday’s episode, meanwhile, had some viewers questioning the use of online marketplaces after a serial killer abducted a woman whose refrigerator he’d agreed to purchase.

“Just taken my fridge off eBay,” wrote one Twitter user.

Image caption Elba with series creator Neil Cross on the Luther set

Another grisly sequence had heart surgeon Jeremy Lake (Enzo Cilenti) graphically imagining killing one of his patients on the operating table while his therapist wife (Hermione Norris) looks on.

“In the space of two nights Luther has put me off of getting a bus, therapists, surgery and selling things online,” wrote another.

“I might as well never leave the house again.”

Luther continues on Thursday on BBC One at 21:00 GMT before concluding at the same time on Friday.

Image copyright Nick Wall/Netflix
Image caption The actor plays a struggling DJ and “eternal bachelor” in Turn Up Charlie

After the sepulchral intrigue of Luther, Elba will be seen in sunnier mode later this year in Netflix comedy series Turn Up Charlie.

Images released from the upcoming show see the Wire actor cracking a smile in his role as a struggling DJ who reluctantly becomes a problem child’s “manny”.

Turn Up Charlie, which Elba co-created with Vicious producer Gary Reich, will be available to stream from 15 March.

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