Mixed reactions to Seann Walsh Strictly apology

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Media captionStrictly’s Seann Walsh: ‘We made a huge mistake’

Viewers tweeted a range of reactions to Seann Walsh and Katya Jones’s apology on It Takes Two.

The pair, who are partners on Strictly Come Dancing, appeared on the BBC Two show to address being caught kissing.

Some viewers on Twitter felt sorry for Walsh, with one tweeting to keep the pair in the competition and “keep it about the dancing”.

A lot of other people however, were far less forgiving and didn’t think the comedian’s apology was up to scratch.

The dance pair had been photographed together on a night out, leading Walsh’s girlfriend to end their relationship.

Walsh’s ex, Rebecca Humphries, has yet to officially react to the broadcast but if her likes on Twitter are anything to go by, it still seems like she’s waiting for him to actually say sorry.

She liked one tweet that said: “You should stop @BBCStrictly out of respect and apologise to @Beckshumps, neither of you have apologised to her.”


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