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Michael Maguire death: Army captain guilty of manslaughter

Ranger Michael Maguire
Image caption Ranger Michael Maguire died after being shot in the head in May 2012

An Army captain has been convicted of gross negligence manslaughter at a court martial after a soldier was killed during a live fire exercise.

Cpt Jonathan Price, 32, was found guilty of the death of Ranger Michael Maguire at Castlemartin, Pembrokeshire.

Ranger Maguire, 21, of Cork, Ireland, was killed by a stray bullet in 2012.

Lt Col Richard Bell and Warrant Officer 2nd Class Stuart Pankhurst were found guilty of negligently performing a duty in relation to the exercise.

Ranger Maguire, of the 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment, was one of several soldiers who came under machine gun fire during the exercise at the training area.

A bullet shot from 0.6 miles (1km) away hit him in the forehead.

Price, Bell and Pankhurst are expected to be sentenced on 24 July.

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